Get lost in the De Pijp neighbourhood

Get lost in the De Pijp neighbourhood

It has always welcomed newcomers: yesterday it was immigrants, now it is artists.

The name comes from the long and narrow streets, which are shaped like pipes and their joints. Take a walk south of the canals, as this area, off the beaten path of classic tours, is worth getting to know.

Parts of the area represent an exemplary sense of urban planning, thanks to urban architect Hendrik Petrus Berlage whose statue, armed with pencil and compass, can be found on Victorieplein square. Alongside is a 12-storey skyscraper, rare in Amsterdam, designed by Arthur Staal.

Long inhabited by foreigners, particularly immigrants, the sector is becoming gentrified. Artists, students, intellectuals, and gay citizens have made it a favourite haunt for its bohemian, poetic, and particularly free-spirited atmosphere.

In spite of the creeping gentrification, a crowd of great cafés and restaurants can be found here that are often moderately priced. Enjoy!