Georgetown: Washington's trendiest area

Georgetown: Washington's trendiest area

With its M Street shops and restaurants, and its opulent mansions along tree-lined streets, a visit to Georgetown is a must.

It's a neighbourhood at once elegant and bohemian, both full of nightlife and quiet. On the banks of the Potomac, Georgetown was, after independence, a thriving port where wealthy merchants lived.

Today, these opulent houses are inhabited by diplomats, politicians, and other personalities. Once you get past the fashionable shops, bars, and restaurants of M Street, you'll come across a quiet grid of streets, lined with pretty houses. Continue on via Prospect Street to Georgetown University, home of one of the nation's best college basketball teams.

Further afield, don't miss Halcyon House, Worthington House and Prospect House, witnesses of the past greatness of the city. The Old Stone House, one of the oldest buildings in the city, built in 1765 by a single craftsman, is open to visitors.

Georgetown Visitor Center
1057 Jefferson St NW
Washington DC 20007

+1 202 653 5190