Gastronomic dinner at Château de Feuilles

Gastronomic dinner at Château de Feuilles

Enjoy unique cuisine in a gorgeous setting by the sea.

For a romantic dinner, choose a table in this fine establishment, known to be the best in the entire Seychelles. Enjoy a delicious time with your loved one or your friends while browsing the Château de Feuilles restaurant's menu. For starters, indulge in summer rolls with black tiger prawns and crispy yuzu salad. The slightly acidic citrus fruit from Asia perfectly blends with seafood!
If you love fish, then opt for the marinated sea bream with spices. As for meat enthusiasts, they will order the famous grilled Angus beef. End on a sweet note with a papaya crumble or passion fruit sorbet, both served with a glass of champagne, to be enjoyed in moderation of course!

Château de Feuilles
Pointe Cabris
Baie Sainte-Anne
Praslin Island

+248 4 290 000

Menu: around 990 SCR