Funky, Friendly Fusion

Funky, Friendly Fusion

In a Cubist setting designed by Joseph Gočár, the Fusion Hotel plays with styles and moods in its revolving bar-lounge and themed rooms.

Located only steps away from Wenceslas Square, Fusion has been offering, besides the more traditional and inexpensive lodgings, themed rooms (Fusion, White, Vintage, Love, and Rock) since 2012.

All the rooms and suites have been decorated by young Czech artists. Sip a cocktail in the large bar-lounge, which turns full circle underneath a glass dome. Friendly and welcoming, the hotel even offers smoking areas.

Enjoy a light meal in the distinctive bistro Soup in the City which vibrates with the sounds of a live DJ every weekend.

Fusion Hotel
Panská 9
110 00 Praha 1

+420 226 222 800

Rooms: from 1,840 CZK