FUD: where fashion and tradition meet

FUD: where fashion and tradition meet

Soft bread rolls, Sicilian meat, homemade side dishes… Trendy? Obviously. Delicious? First and foremost. Have a taste of “made-in-Catania” burgers!

"FUD" for thought? Surely you caught on the pun of this innovating concept: a menu that plays on Italian phonetics and mixes your usual fast-food standards with local dishes. The menu offers the "Am Burgher", a round bread roll served with Sicilian beef, tomatoes, salad and extra virgin olive oil; a pear, gorgonzola and nuts salad; or even the “Cicchen Oddog”, with a chicken sausage rolled in soft bread, bacon and curry sauce.
As witty, practical and trendy as you can expect from its interior decoration, FUD should not be reduced to clever plays on words: dishes are made in front of you, and on the spot, at the counter. If you are not already convinced, note that sharing plates are available, with lunch meats and Sicilian cheese, Nebrodi black pork or goat cheese. FUD is "food" spelled with capital F, U, and D!

Via Santa Filomena, 35
95129 Catania

+39 095 715 3518


Menu: burger from 7.20 EUR