Fresko Yogurt Bar: Greek yoghurt

Fresko Yogurt Bar: Greek yoghurt

This is the ideal freshness break when coming down from a visit to the Acropolis.

Sofia and David Taylor opened the first Greek yoghurt bar in a pedestrian street in the Acropolis neighbourhood. They created this young start-up to defend Greek culinary heritage. When it is hot, there is indeed nothing more refreshing than a local yoghurt. By nature, it is smoother, more velvety than a conventional yogurt. It is also richer in protein and probiotics. You can choose between cow milk, ewe's milk or goat's milk.

As you wish, you can accompany it with thyme honey, orange blossoms, hazelnuts or almonds, and freshly mixed fruits. Each recipe can be eaten on the spot or taken away and eaten with a spoon while walking. All ingredients come from local producers, or from organic farming.

Fresko Yogurt Bar
Dionysiou Aeropagitou 3
117 42 Athens

+30 (210) 923 3760

Menu: around 5 EUR