Franschhoek: ‘the French corner'

Franschhoek: ‘the French corner'

In the winemaking region near Cape Town, a small village recalls the South of France.

An idyllic village, worthy of a postcard, surrounded by wine estates with Cape Dutch architecture, Franschhoek (Afrikaans for ‘French corner'), looks every bit the French village. Bastille Day is celebrated every year with blue, white, and red flags floating gaily overhead, and the numerous restaurants all have French names.

But never fear; these are English speakers, as the first generation of Huguenots quickly assimilated the Afrikaans language, and subsequent generations learned English as well.

Of the French spirit, the love of good food and wine was not lost however. Franschhoek has the reputation for the best gastronomic offerings in the country. From Cape Town to France in just over an hour, it's the perfect side trip.

Franschhoek Wine Valley
62 Huguenot Road
7690 Franschhoek