Four Seasons Gresham Palace: luxury under a glass canopy

Four Seasons Gresham Palace: luxury under a glass canopy

Among the many memorable facades of the city, that of the Gresham Palace is a jewel. Inside, your sleep is wrapped in soft linens.

A prize of the Art Nouveau movement, the Gresham Palace was built in 1906 for the London insurance company Gresham—named after the founder of the first LSE (Royal Exchange).

Above the beautiful mall (then accessible by carriage) were company offices and on the floors above, apartments for visiting aristocrats. In the upheavals of history, the building lost its lustre before shining again, through its luxury. In 2004, Four Seasons transformed it into a hotel with 179 rooms and suites. Restored by masters, its era of greatness is found again in every detail.

It is difficult to escape from a place where everything invites you to stay: a swimming pool under the roof, a gym opposite the castle (that you can ogle through the tiny oeil-de-boeuf window), the cocktail bar (famous throughout the city) or the new Kollázs restaurant whose decor juggles contemporary style with the original style of the Gresham palace.

Four Seasons Gresham Palace
Széchenyi István tér 5-6
1051 Budapest

+36 (1) 268 6000

Rooms: from 102,400 HUF