Forget Me Not: come back with your hands full

concept store
Forget Me Not: come back with your hands full

One always brings back memories and gifts from their travels. The gifts here are signed by young Greek designers.

Wedged between two fashion accessory shops, this concept store is dedicated to young Greek brands. You may be surprised to discover there are more than 200 designers represented here. All of them play with cultural clichés, transforming them into beautiful objects.

You'll love the contemporary mugs that play either with the ancient myths or with the folklore of the Greek countryside, from the olive to the donkey, right through to the shepherd with the big moustache. Here, Olive sacks are converted into totes and the three great philosophers of Ancient Greece (Socrates, Plato and Aristotle) are given new life as hand-painted Russian dolls. You can offer carved silver bracelets with the Athens time zone, not to mention T-shirts for young and old, phone covers, and delicate olive oils. In short, this joyful bazar is a gold mine that is sure to please the whole family!

Forget Me Not
Adrianou 100
105 56 Athens

+30 210 325 3740