Finish off the meal at the Mosquito

Finish off the meal at the Mosquito

A great address for eating a dessert or having a drink.

In the 1990s, some cities launched ‘drink and dessert' bars and though the trend has died down, it seems that the concept is not entirely out-dated. Proof is the Mosquito in Gastown, a speakeasy specialising in champagne-based cocktails and desserts. With its subdued and intimate atmosphere, this 47-seat bar differs from other bars in the neighbourhood, which look more like pubs. Its sleek design and Art Deco decor marry divinely with its industrial lamps. People come here to drink a delicious Continental – vodka, Lillet, champagne, lemon and orange peels, or glasses of Pinot gris or Prosecco, with a dessert made by the French-trained pastry chef, Julianne Hansen. Among the essentials are the peanut butter milk chocolate bar served with caramel popcorn and caramelised banana jam. We also appreciate the little dark chocolate pot with vanilla salt, coconut, and maple syrup.

32 Water Street
Vancouver, BC V6B 1A4

+1 604 398 3188

Menu: beers around 7 CAD, cocktails around 11 CAD