Fenocchio: the ice-cream maker with a hundred flavours

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Fenocchio: the ice-cream maker with a hundred flavours

Ice cream in the finest Italian tradition, for all tastes, all colours since 1966, if you will.

Fenocchio, Fenocchio: the swaying graphics of the red letters spelling out the ice-cream maker's name express well the sing-song sound of the establishment.

Under the white canvas awning of the glacier, children make eyes at least as round as the scoops of ice cream that are served to them. In the queue, however, the debates are animated as to how to decide between flavours: almond, Irish coffee, no! Hot pepper chocolate or rice pudding? What choice! Jasmine, lavender, avocado! Bailey's? Cappuccino, but yes... A carnival of colours that turn the heads of the most indecisive. Some even throw in the towel, to the surprise of the most tenacious.

The moment of choice will seem an eternity. Francis and Giselda, the managers, readily assume the dilemma in which they put you. But the effort is worth it, because taking in Nice with an ice cream in hand is priceless.

Fenocchio Glacier
2 place Rossetti
06000 Nice

+33 (0)4 93 80 72 52


Menu: from 5 EUR