Farm: a gastro pub

Farm: a gastro pub

Among the ‘ruin bars', Farm is an exception with its almost minimalist decor.

Farm has the usual skeleton of a romkert (ruin garden), one of these ‘ruin bars' typical of the city, built around a courtyard. But the resemblance ends there. The walls of this gastro-pub are dressed in bright white and decorated with old farm utensils (e.g. saws, hammers, and spades), which give an almost minimalist touch to the whole. And it is chic.

Diplomats, expats and locals come to enjoy a cocktail prepared by Gergely, who is known as Jack by the regulars. He likes nothing better than working ‘real' fruits associated with high quality spirits. In summer, Jack tours the small producers whose strawberries, raspberries or currants he freezes, which then brighten the grey of winter. A kiwi or a dried apricot come to rest on the edge of the glass.

With or without alcohol, plates of cheeses and cold meats can accompany his creations from the nearby farms. How could it be otherwise when the bar is called Farm?

Ó utca 14
1066 Budapest

+36 30 6227 500

Menu: around 1,650 HUF