Farina House: the birthplace of cologne

Farina House: the birthplace of cologne

Discover the historic source of Eau de Cologne.  

Orange, lemon, grapefruit, bergamot, cedar, and herbs... Can you detect all of these scents in Eau de Cologne. All of Italy seems to sing in this bouquet of aromas. Close your eyes and you might hear the crickets and sounds of summer. This is certainly what Giovanni Maria Farina tried to create successfully in 1709 with his first Eau de Cologne.

He sought to evoke his native Piedmont and… the stench of the city. He quickly became a ‘medicine man', and helped deliver difficult births, relieve headaches, and pull teeth... And then, through his miraculous solution, he invaded the living rooms of the best houses, and his reputation quickly spread beyond the borders.

Farina House, a museum, presents the perfume cellars and laboratories, as well as all the oils necessary for its manufacture. Opposite the town hall, this house has not moved for 300 years, and the eighth generation of the Farina family still produces the elixir.

Farina Haus Duftmuseum
Obenmarspforten 21
50 667 Cologne

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