Fairmont Hotel: the golden years

Fairmont Hotel: the golden years

The history of San Francisco was written in this hotel, part and parcel of the city's heritage.

Do you know the Tony Bennett song 'I Left My Heart In San Francisco'? You'll lose yours here, or at least be so impressed with the setting that it will make you dizzy. This hotel, built just after the earthquake of 1906, cultivates the luxury of a city enriched by the Gold Rush. Everything is gilded here.

The vast marble lobby looks like a D. W. Griffith film set. Awe-inspiring! With its seven-metre high ceiling, gold damask dyes, and thick royal blue carpet with gold accents, the Venetian salon is a real ballroom.

The rooms are classic Victorian style, of discreet opulence with refined classic furniture in modern colours. The view of the bay will leave you with a nostalgic memory of early 19 th -century steamers. Even if you are not staying at the hotel, you can still discover the Hawaiian cuisine of its Tonga restaurant, and enjoy a lychee martini at the bar.

Fairmont Hotel
950 Mason Street
San Francisco, CA 94108

+1 415 772 5000


Rooms: from 399 USD