Face of God

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Face of God

Mysteries from the African continent enter the Guangdong Museum with a rare exhibition of ritual masks.

For some, Guangzhou is the Asian Berlin. It is not surprising that the city formerly known as Canton is in full cultural swing, reflecting a true cosmopolitan spirit, evidence being the Face of God exhibition at the Guangdong Museum, one of Guangzhou's major institutions.

More than 100 masks and music instruments from Central Africa can be admired and most of these rare exhibits have never been shown in Asia. True testimonies to the long history of African art, from prehistoric to more modern times, these items give an insight into the rites and ceremonies of the culture of African peoples and beyond.

Face of God
No.2 Zhujiang East Road,
Zhujiang New City, Tianhe District,
Guangzhou 510110

To 24 July 2016


Free of charge

Tuesday to Sunday, from 9:00 a.m. to 5 p.m.