Explore the maze of Chinatown

Explore the maze of Chinatown

Hidden and labyrinthine, Chinatown's narrow streets and authentic shops are well worth a visit.

People always get gloriously lost in Chinatown, where there is no public transport and the maze of narrow streets makes it one of the most serpentine and exotic of all places in the world. Wandering through the great flowing arteries of life, noise, craft-shops, and fish restaurants is an unforgettable experience.

Start at Royal Jubilee Gate, the entrance to the neighbourhood, and go up on Yaowarat Road, one of the first paved streets of the city, to Sampeng Lane, the beating heart of Chinatown, where the gambling parlours have been replaced by wholesale and cheap product shops, and stalls overflowing with gold, trinkets, watches, and magical herbs.

Don't miss the stunning Talat Kao, the oldest food market in the country, and the Kam Long restaurant, which has been serving its legendary roast duck for a century. Allow yourself at least two hours to complete the tour.

6, Yaowarat Road