Exarcheia: rebellious and united

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Exarcheia: rebellious and united

The historic quarter of revolt in Athens, Exarchia has become the open-air museum of street culture, where tourists and young bobos converge.

Historically, Exarchia is the quarter for protests and uprisings. This is where the students of the Polytechnic organised the first riots against the military dictatorship in 1973 and it was from here that those of 2008 also started.

Today, bohemians and alternative-lifestyle seekers can be found in cafés and streets marked by walls covered in graffiti and slogans. Some are political, some very poetic. Each evokes, through their lines and colours, a changing world that is reinventing itself through art. Unlike some graffiti that covers long stretches of wall, these cover a door or a storefront, and are more figurative than abstract. If you do not have a very practiced eye, it is sometimes difficult to identify a particular artist, but fun is always present.

In the heart of Exarchia, a residence specifically for journalists and photo journalists, the first in the world, recently opened.