Eureka House: a colonial odyssey

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Eureka House: a colonial odyssey

Majestic, elegant, and historic, Eureka House offers a fascinating odyssey through time. Built in 1830, it is a window on to the compelling atmosphere of colonial life.  ^p

You are hardly in the lobby before history catches up with you, in a scene loaded with antiques and period photos. Politics might well be the topic of discussion here, while out on the long, shaded veranda that surrounds the house, a cup of tea seems ideal. But behind solid wooden doors there's another world that awaits you, dedicated to music and art.

In one corner, an old geographical map inspires ideas of evasion. This is because there is much to discover outside as well, with kilometres of hiking trails to explore, small waterfalls, indigenous plants and lush vegetation that compete for your attention in this magical land.

A change of scenery that might make the 21st century seem a bit lacklustre…

Eureka House
14, avenue Sodnac Quatre-Bornes

+230 57 72 93 03