Esquina 111 Rádio Bar: the bar of the moment in Rio

Esquina 111 Rádio Bar: the bar of the moment in Rio

Don't overlook this new hot spot in Ipanema for sharing a bite and a glass on the terrace or inside.

A new and quiet address in the Ipanema district, this restaurant on the corner of Maria Quiteria and Redentor occupies an unusual house of industrial design, with a grey facade, yellow tints on the terrace, shutters, a brick bar, flowerpots on the window ledges, and a few palm trees.

The Brazilian touch is felt in the traditional furniture and the choice of patterns on the cushions and large colored benches. An urban oasis better suited for groups of friends than more private affairs, the bar serves small portions for sharing. Especially good are the mini cheeseburgers with two mustards and the cocktail menu, including the basil and ginger caipirinha, the house specialty.

Esquina 111 Rádio Bar
Rua Maria Quitéria, 111
Rio de Janeiro 22421-030

+55 (0)21 3256 9375

Menu: around R$ 75