Escaramuza, new generation literary café

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Escaramuza, new generation literary café

Book and coffee! That is Escaramuza's success formula, an old-school independent bookshop that hides a lush secret garden.

In a century-old house of Montevideo, a myriad of books can be found, spread around the café's tables. Escaramuza is first and foremost an independent bookshop with a vintage look: high ceilings, walls dressed with solid wood bookshelves, mosaic flooring and even a stained-glass window to give the place a shimmering quality. However, success has primarily come from the restaurant side, with books overflowing inside or a secret patio in the back of the shop. Except for drinks and snacks served all day, the daily menu remains simple yet innovative, generally based off local and organic products with a responsible consumption philosophy in mind. You won't be able to say no to the onion pie or the grilled corvina fish, and the scones with jam and carrot cake are simply delicious. At the busiest times of day, you will need to summon your patience as the café is very popular, with its intimate setting. Take advantage and hunt for literary treasures in a decor brimming with Uruguayan classics. A timeless moment that will remind you of the culmination of literary cafés.

Dr. Pablo de María 1185
11200 Montevideo

+598 2401 3475 

Menu: around 300 UYU