On foot or skis, escape to the heights of Tochal

On foot or skis, escape to the heights of Tochal

The mountain range on Tehran's heights is a centre of recreation on weekends. Conquer the heights!

To escape the bustle of the city, Tehran families and friends converge every weekend on the mountains of Alborz. With its 7.5-kilometre-long cable car, Tochal is easily accessible and attracts the world throughout the year. The starting point is located north of Tehran in Velenjak, 1,900 metres above sea level, and from there you can climb up to 3,740 metres. Feel free to take a break to drink tea before starting a ride through the trails. You can also enjoy the ski resorts accessible by cable car.

Though less frequented than the Alps, the site is ranked the fourth highest ski area in the world! Mount Tochal culminates at 3,957 metres, and its slopes are covered in snow for more than half the year. Rental shops, hotels, and everything else you may need to enjoy winter sports are available on site. You can also ski at other stations in the mountains of Alborz, like Dizin and Shemshak, which are very popular and mostly frequented by the gilded youth of the capital.

Tochal Complex
Velenjak Avenue

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