Envy: Italian gastronomy prepared before your eyes

Envy: Italian gastronomy prepared before your eyes

You would almost believe you were in an Italian grocery. The beautiful decor is accompanied by excellent cuisine.

For several years now this very fashionable restaurant has been awarded a 'Bib Gourmand,' the Michelin guide's distinction awarded to potential starred restaurants. Creative cuisine, hip decor, beautiful plate presentation and muted atmosphere: Envy has many qualities. The dining room recalls an Italian grocery shop with its windowed refrigerators displaying a rich selection of cheeses and deli meats. Chef Floris prides himself on the fact that his cooks work under the eyes of the customers. He offers, among many other things, a subtle chorizo risotto with codium (pearl seaweed). Alternately, you could try the beef tartare served with blueberries and feta cheese, or the red beetroot risotto with balsamic vinegar. Unless of course you prefer the surprise menu. Excellent cocktails, such as the gin, basil, rosemary, thyme, lemon and olive oil Saint Basil, are on offer. In the summer, eat on the terrace facing the canal.

Prinsengracht 381
1016 HL Amsterdam

+31 20 344 6407


Menu: around 35 EUR