Engebret Cafe: an old style institution

Engebret Cafe: an old style institution

A place full of charm with quaint, authentic atmosphere.

The Engebret has no equivalent for those looking to taste typical Norwegian food. It is an elegant restaurant, set in a house dating from the 17th century. Surprise yourself with authentic Norwegian tradition and taste one of the classics reindeer meat served with port and raisins. During holiday periods, the typical dish that you must try is lutefisk: a recipe based on marinated and pickled fish, its strong flavours recall ancient Viking culture.

Other staples of traditional Norwegian cooking, such as fresh cod or wild salmon, are served with potatoes. In terms of decoration, wood panelling and plush carpets warm the atmosphere and give the whole a typical Nordic style.

On the walls, there are pictures of the great personalities of the country who have dined in this key location in Oslo. Located in the theatre district, this is the perfect choice for celebrating a cultural and authentic evening, in the image of Oslo itself.

Engebret Café
Bankplassen 1
0151 Oslo

+47 228 22 525


Menu: around 579 NOK