Encounter the Gods: the National Archaeological Museum

Encounter the Gods: the National Archaeological Museum

The Archaeological Museum of Naples, which houses the national Farnese, Pompeiian, and Palatine collections, refreshes school memories of history and mythology.

One of the most important Greco-Roman collections in the world is gathered over three stories. To visit it is to open splendid textbooks to pages containing the Dancing Faun, the gripping mosaic of Alexander the Great in battle against Darius III, Seated Hermes, the Farnese Hercules, the Head of Caracalla, and of course, the sculpture of the punishment of Circe. We can't forget the Callipygian Venus, which has stunned viewers for the last 23 centuries, or the amazing bronzes of runners from the Villa of Papyri in Herculaneum. There is also a beautiful collection of cameos, weapons, pottery, and jewellery. An appointment is necessary to see the museum's hidden collection of erotic objects and frescoes.

National Archaeological Museum of Naples
Piazza Museo Nazionale, 19
80135 Napoli

+39 (0)81 442 2149