El Mouahidine: ideal for business travellers

El Mouahidine: ideal for business travellers

Located close to the airport, this hotel is recommended to business travellers and those under a tight schedule, for it combines comfort and convenience.

If you fancy 100% design boutique hotels, count on the El Mouahidine Hotel. Two minutes away from Oran's international airport, it is an ideal solution for those who want to explore the city, even more so if you plan to come to Oran on business.
This is a modern hotel, fitted with a nice outdoor swimming pool if you want to relax after a business meeting. It is equipped with all required services for “connected people”: LCD screens, Hi-Fi, Wi-Fi... Rooms are spacious and perfectly soundproofed, and bedding of high quality. Should you have meetings, assemblies to be organised or places to visit, the hotel offers a selection of privatised rooms and vehicles. You may also enjoy a lot of other services such as a quality restaurant, a SPA and tennis courts.

El Mouahidine Hotel
Es-Sénia airport roundabout
31000 Oran

+213 557 73 23 67

Rooms: from 12,500 DZD