El Japonez: Mexico City's temple of trendiness

El Japonez: Mexico City's temple of trendiness

You can find Japanese-Mexican fusion cuisine served at these three fashionable restaurants.

El Polanco Japonez serves fresh and tasty Japanese dishes with Mexican influences. At all three restaurants, in Condesa, Polanco, and Santa Fe (Polanco is probably the most appealing), the dining rooms are in wood and glass, with vertical gardens and natural light.

Discover tablitas de antusushi,consisting of three seaweed cones filled with tuna, rice, truffle oil and tempura flakes. Dine at teppanyaki tables and try tacos by the same name (teppanyaki in Japanese means ‘grilled on an iron plate') with beef, tuna, shrimp or duck. And do try the simply exquisite cocktails.

El Japonez Polanco
Av. Emilio Castelar 135
Miguel Hidalgo
11560 Ciudad de México, D.F.

+52 55 4434 4053


Menu: around 500 MXN