El Djenina, nice traditional restaurant

El Djenina, nice traditional restaurant

El Djenina owes its reputation to a colourful Algerian cuisine, served in an elegant and refined setting. Definitely chic!

Set in the centre of Algiers, close to the Bardo museum and Kasr Echaab, El Djenina is one of the best restaurants of the capital. Popular for its traditional cuisine with the intelligentsia from Algiers and international celebrities like the King of Spain or Prince Andrew, it is a safe bet!
At El Djenina, the menu offers a nice trip into Algerian gastronomy, with dishes like sweet and sour tajines, barbecued whole lamb, chorba, hrira and lemon chicken. Dressed in white, tables are surrounded with cosy seats amidst an elegant setting with an air of Ottoman palace. Arabesques, variegated furniture, earthenware and sculpted woodworks dress the place, a true institution since the 1960's.

El Djenina
10, rue Franklin Roosevelt
16000 Algiers

+213 (0) 21 61 40 26


Menu: around 2,500 DZD