El Chancho, food truck extraordinaire

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El Chancho, food truck extraordinaire

While seafood is a must when you stay by the ocean, other culinary marvels await you just around the corner.

Head to one of the trendiest places in town to taste pork and various other meat specialties at a food truck! While the main ingredient of the recipes remains the same, you'll enjoy options that vary with the seasons. El Chancho brings together gourmets who will be tempted by a pulled pork sandwich or the perfect hamburger. Away from the beach, you can savour your snack in a hipster atmosphere, mingling with street food lovers for an experience rich in flavours and encounters. The tradition is for you to wash down whichever meal you choose with a cold beer before RUBRIQUE to the sea to relax. This is the best street food spot in the city!

El Chancho
R. Leonardo Mota, 1477-1553
Fortaleza - CE, 60170-041

+55 85 99781 4902


Menu: around 20 BRL