Edinburgh Castle: a key symbol of the city

Edinburgh Castle: a key symbol of the city

This imposing edifice, perched high up on its craggy rock, dominates the town and its surroundings. An entire chapter of royal history has played out behind its thick stone walls.

Set into the hills of Edinburgh, the castle's silhouette of impressive strength and character imposes itself regardless of where you are in the city. Inside lies a small town, and a visit here takes you on an incredible journey in time. Start with St Margaret's Chapel, built in the 12th century, making it the oldest building in Edinburgh.
Then visit its other treasures, among them the Scottish crown jewels, the exceptional Stone of Destiny, and Mons Meg, a huge 15th-century cannon. Legend has it that you can sometimes hear the 'headless drummer', who warned of the arrival of Cromwell and the anti-royalists when they besieged the castle in 1650. The tour continues in the prisons, which teem with details of the daily lives of former prisoners. Do not miss the richly decorated banquet hall, seat of the Scottish Court for a long time. The castle is the most visited monument in the country, and the most haunted...

Edinburgh Castle
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