Eataly: the belly of Rome

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Eataly: the belly of Rome

A hybrid concept store, but also luxury supermarket, delicatessen, and food court. Buy, eat, and learn about the country's best food, respectful of local traditions.

There is no shortage of temples in Rome: the Temple of Vesta, the Temple of Caesar, Hadrian's Temple… And then there is Eataly, the temple of Italian gastronomy in the city's old train station. Foodistas cannot leave Rome without paying homage here at least once. Italy's best foodstuffs are all to be found on the emporium's 17,000 square metres of spacious aisles and designer shelves.

Wandering through the delicatessen stalls and the supermarket, or the covered market of this den of taste, is a feast for the eyes and the taste buds. There are no fewer than 20 restaurant areas, but Eataly does not just serve up good food; it also teaches people to cook and appreciate it, and to understand the basic tenets of the 'slow food' movement.

Piazzale XII Ottobre 1492
00154 Roma

+39 06 9027 9201