Eataly: restaurant, bar, caterer and gourmet market

Eataly: restaurant, bar, caterer and gourmet market

Eataly at Union Square is a 5,000-square-metre space entirely dedicated to Italian cuisine.

Places for food on the fly in casual chic settings are springing up like daisies in Manhattan: Chelsea Market, Gansevoort Market, and Vanderbilt Market spring to mind. Eataly arrived from Northern Italy in 2010, with a very simple mission: to bring together under one roof quality Italian foods, with the choice of taking home ingredients to cook or meals to eat, or having a meal or snack on the spot or even improving your cooking techniques. One of the largest markets of its kind in New York, led by the legendary New York chef Mario Batali and local entrepreneurs Joe and Lidia Bastianich, Eataly is reinventing the food business with the aim of democratizing access to quality products. In what Batali prefers to call a ‘food temple', there are seven Italian restaurants, including one authentic Neapolitan pizzeria. You can find the best imported Italian coffee, gelato, cheeses, and deli meats, or check out the wine merchant (with a choice of 1,000 bottles), a bakery (led by Nancy Silverton of La Brea), and a pastry shop (managed by Luca Montersino), as well as La Scuola cooking classes and a bookstore. There is even a Nutella bar for fanatics of the Italian hazelnut spread. And, to take an outdoor break, go up to the brewery on the roof.

200 5th Avenue
New York, NY 10010

+1 212 229 2560