Dormition Cathedral

Dormition Cathedral

It crowned the tsars and blessed Vladimir Putin. The gold-domed Dormition Cathedral reigns supreme in the history of Holy Russia.

It is on the steps of this ‘Cathedral of the Assumption' that Ivan the Great tore up the letter that made him dependent on the khans of the Golden Horde.

This building, built by an Italian architect, would lay the foundations of Russian art, nourished by a caravan of Italian and Greek artists brought to Moscow by Ivan's wife Sophia, who brought him, in her dowry, the famous two-headed eagle, emblem of the Byzantine Empire. Dormition Cathedral was built in 1479 by Aristofile Fioravanti. This gold, blue, and red symbol of the Italian Renaissance in the heart of Moscow is the most important building of the Russian state.

The gateway to the divine, the iconostasis separating the clergy from the celebrants dates from 1652, but many of its icons are older, including the breathtaking Saviour with the Angry Eye (Spas yaroe oko), painted in the 1340s.

Dormition Cathedral
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