Dong Bei Ren: the cuisine of northern China

Dong Bei Ren: the cuisine of northern China

This restaurant chain is famous for popularizing northern cuisine among the southern Chinese of Guangzhou.

Prepare to embark on a culinary odyssey. This restaurant attracts Cantonese people and adventurous tourists. The atmosphere is lively and sometimes a bit noisy, but always friendly. Sit at one of the traditional tables and cross your legs, like your neighbours. Choose your dishes from the illustrated menu or straight from the steam carts that the servers push down the aisles.

Warning, the menu (and most everything else) is written in Chinese, and English speakers are rare here. Never mind, just go with the flow. Among the specialties, don't miss the ravioli shaped dumplings stuffed with meat and vegetables, the pork stew with noodles, and Di San Xian, a perfect dish for vegetarians made of eggplant, potatoes, and peppers.

Dong Bei Ren
1 Taojin Bei Lu

+86 (0)20 8357 6277

Menu: around 40 CNY