Discover Yuppie Yaletown

Discover Yuppie Yaletown

Take a stroll in this chic and trendy district, lined with shops, restaurants, and upscale hotels.

In only a few years, this former industrial area bordered by False Creek has completely changed appearance. Its metamorphosis was initiated by the World Expo held in Vancouver in 1986.

As was the case in many cities in North America, the abandoned warehouses of Yaletown have been gentrified, and the brick buildings of Hamilton Street and Mainland Street now house beautiful lofts for well-heeled yuppies. These industrial remains coexist with glass buildings characteristic of Vancouver's skyline, built by a Hong Kong tycoon. The neighbourhood is nice to stroll around in as the streets are lined with posh restaurants, cosy outdoor cafés, and shops.

For shopping, head to Robson Street for casual-chic, where you might buy yourself a Lululemon yoga outfit at attractive prices. For luxury, head to Georgia Street where you will find Louis Vuitton, Gucci, and Giorgio Armani.