Discover the Dubai Opera by Zaha Hadid

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Discover the Dubai Opera by Zaha Hadid

This new building, whose construction should be completed in the first half of 2016, promises to become as iconic as the Sydney Opera House.

Every great city that wants to shine on the cultural level has to have an opera house. Dubai is no exception. And to create this jewel dedicated to music, the town has called upon a star in her field, Anglo-Iraqi Dame Zaha Hadid.

This architect, who likes white and futuristic curves, imagined a building whose silhouette echoes the form of the traditional dhows that sail on Dubai Creek. It is right downtown, opposite the Burj Khalifa Tower, where this ship is rising out of the ground for an opening in 2016. The equipment will of course be ultra-modern.

With a capacity of 2,000 and an aim to show not only operas, but also plays, concerts, art exhibitions, and films, the complex promises a varied programme that will lead to it becoming a cultural hub. Its location will also complement the neighbourhood, which is home to new art hotels, residential apartments, design studios, and galleries.

Dubai Opera
The Opera District, Downtown Burj Khalifa, Dubai