Discover the beaches and underwater riches of Thailand's islands

Discover the beaches and underwater riches of Thailand's islands

From the beaches of Koh Samet of Koh Samui to the wilderness of Koh Lipe: island paradises await, just a few hours away.

Bangkok is an ideal starting point for exploring the islands of the south. A one-hour flight gets you to Koh Samui, the most stylish island, with luxury hotels and bungalows with spas scattered around the beaches of Hat Chaweng and Bophut.

The second largest island of the country is also rich in temples and a great hiking destination. Koh Tao, accessed by boat from Koh Samui, is a wilder port of call. Renowned for its green turtles, giant rays, and clown fish, 'Turtle Island' has 50 diving clubs. Koh Samet has some of the most beautiful and well-maintained beaches in the country.

Sunbathe, lunch, dine, and party among the many Bangkok residents, for whom this is a favourite weekend destination. For scenery, moor at Koh Lipe, on the Malaysian border. It is a seven-hour trip (of which three hours is spent on a ferry), but the magical archipelago of 50 islands is well worth it: white sand, turquoise lagoons, tropical jungles. Stay put and relax on the main island, or head off into the archipelago for a more adventurous sojourn in a makeshift bungalow…

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