Discover Rodrigues Island

Discover Rodrigues Island

Lost in the middle of the Indian Ocean, a 90-minute flight from Mauritius, Rodrigues is the smallest of the Mascarene Islands. Authentic and secret, it's a little corner of paradise.

Rodrigues, with its small hotel units and huge natural areas, which are due to the reduced amount of construction, is like Mauritius was 40 years ago.

Its blue lagoon, its sandy coves, and unspoilt nature offer an ideal vacation spot that is quiet and dressed in the colours of summer. Here, the always-smiling inhabitants have preserved their traditions and share the good life that animates them.

Rodrigues Island is a bit like a sepia-toned postcard of Mauritius, with its idyllic landscapes, borrowing the nostalgia of a recovered past.

Tourism Office
La Résidence, rue de la Solidarité
Port Mathurin – Rodrigues

+230 832 0866