Dionysos Zonar's, a dinner with Zeus

Dionysos Zonar's, a dinner with Zeus

Tonight, at the foot of the Acropolis, you have the Parthenon as your only decor.

There are many good reasons to book this restaurant: its architecture and 1960s style that give it a postmodern look, causing UNESCO to list it as a World Heritage Site; its incredible views of the Parthenon, that literally gives you the impression to be dining with the gods; and evidently its gastronomic reputation, as the Athenians come here for special occasions, such as Orthodox Easter and family celebrations.
The menu consists of various traditional Greek dishes. Among other specialities, enjoy a gorgeous tapas platter or crispy calamari. Extend the feast to a slow-cooked wild boar with potatoes, shallots and mushrooms, or a grilled lobster with lemon risotto. As for dessert, revel in a hazelnut dacquoise cake or the famous and typical orange-based portokalopita, served with homemade vanilla ice cream. An exceptional place for an exceptional dinner!

Dionysos Zonar's
Rovertou Galli 43
117 42 Athens

+30 210 923 3182


Menu: around 45 EUR