Dick's Drive-In's famous hamburgers

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Dick's Drive-In's famous hamburgers

Generous portions and unique atmosphere for this iconic place.

The very first Dick's Drive-In, which has since become a popular hamburger chain, opened its doors in 1954 in the Wallingford neighbourhood, north of Lake Union. Today there are nearly six Dick's Drive-In locations in Seattle and the surrounding area. The restaurant carries on the great American tradition of serving generous hamburgers, with giant portions of fries and XXL drinks.
Take the time to thoroughly read the ice cream and milkshake menu, a foodie's dream. Locals and visitors maintain the popularity of this place whose decor doesn't seem to have changed since the 50s. Signs with colourful typography, large cardboard menus and fluorescent neon lights evoke the great classics of American cinema. Fans won't miss a visit to the small souvenir shop to leave with a proudly stamped “Dick's” T-shirt!

Dick's Drive-In
111 NE 45th Street
98105 Seattle

+1 206 634 0300


Menu: around 15 USD