Devi Art Foundation: for contemporary art

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Devi Art Foundation: for contemporary art

With the Devi Art Foundation, contemporary art has established itself on the outskirts of Delhi and thrust a galaxy of Indian subcontinent artists into orbit.

Anupam Poddar is a rich Indian collector who opened the Devi Art Foundation in 2008. Its mandate is to showcase changes in contemporary India. In this 700-square-metre building enveloped in Corten steel, thematic exhibitions show works from Poddar's personal collection, numbering in total approximately 7,000 contemporary pieces from the Indian subcontinent, including Bangladesh, Sri Lanka, Pakistan, Afghanistan, and Tibet.

In a sometimes-tense geopolitical context, the foundation aims to be a bridge for dialogue between communities and the acceptance of a common history through art. The Devi Art Foundation has internationally renowned artists like Subodh Gupta, Bharti Kher, and Sudarshan Shetty in its collection.

Recently, the Fracture exhibition brought together artists and experts on the issue of reinventing the role of textiles with this question: What does it mean to break with tradition?

Devi Art Foundation
Sirpur House
Plot No. 39
Sector 44
Haryana 122003

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