Deoksugung Palace : a former royal city

Deoksugung Palace : a former royal city

A journey from traditional architecture to Western neo-modernism.

The smallest of the five major palaces of Seoul, Deoksugung is nonetheless unique for its harmonious blend of Joseon era and Western neoclassical architecture.

The ‘Palace of the virtuous life' is a quiet haven whose gardens are the perfect place for a moment of meditation, all the while admiring the sleek lines of traditional architecture. Don't miss the changing of the Royal Guard, which brings together a multitude of costumes and rituals, all at the heart of the traditions and protocols of the Joseon ‘hermit kingdom' dynasty. The main building, Junghwajeon, has had two lives: formerly consisting of two floors, it was engulfed in flames in 1904, before being rebuilt two years later.

Palais Deoksugung
99, Sejong-daero

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