Delve into art at the Atelier des Lumières

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Delve into art at the Atelier des Lumières

Art meets technology at the Atelier des Lumières in the 11th arrondissement of Paris, where visitors move through gigantic paintings in perpetual motion.

This new generation museum spreads at the heart of the Atelier des Lumières (Lights Workshop) in Paris. Within a former 19th-century foundry that was entirely renovated, this centre for digital art puts key artistic figures in the spotlight. Over 2,000 sqm, art pieces come alive, from floor to ceiling and in very high resolution, screened on concrete surfaces that are sometimes 10-metre high.
For total immersion, a soundtrack played over dozens of steerable speakers guides visitors and adds unprecedented emotional impact to the overall experience. During the opening exhibition that payed tribute to Austrian painter Gustav Klimt, more than 200 works of the artist had therefore been retro-lit and animated. There, technology is only a means to make art accessible and more playful for younger (or less so) generations. A 2.0 educational and innovative museum.

Atelier des Lumières
38, rue Saint-Maur
75011 Paris

+33 (0)1 80 98 46 00