De Young Museum: curios for the world curious

tribal art
De Young Museum: curios for the world curious

Imagine time travelling through eras in Oceania, Africa, and South America.

From a distance, you imagine it to be built from the clay soil of the desert, but its copper colour is a trompe l'œil. The two famous Swiss architects Jacques Herzog and Pierre de Meuron have given the museum a facelift, modernising the oldest art museum in San Francisco to meet seismic standards, thereby protecting its fabulous treasures from the wrath of the earth.

Dedicated to Africa, Oceania, and South America, the museum has amazing collections of paintings, ornaments, sculptures, and other rare items, as well as a very important heritage of drawings, archives, and photographs, all thanks to its 120-year existence. Established through donations from collectors but also adventurers themselves, you will enjoy imagining the travels that transported these items here. Who was Harriett Newton Dimond who travelled to late 19 th -century Papua New Guinea? Imagine also Charles Templeton Crocker, who went around the world on his yacht.

Temporary collections devoted to American heritage are also extensive: Hawaii feather ornaments and photographs taken by San Franciscan Willard Worden between 1900 and 1920.

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