DBGB Kitchen and Bar

DBGB Kitchen and Bar

Part French brasserie, part American brewery, all under Chef Daniel Boulud.

Housed in a modern glass and steel building in the Bowery neighbourhood, the DBGB Kitchen and Bar is the surprising result that comes from merging a French brasserie with an American tavern.

Shelves full of plates, soup bowls, and glasses invade the dining room and, above the bar, the bottles go up to the ceiling, while the mirrors are covered with food-related quotes. The specialty is undoubtedly the house-made sausage, available in more than 14 varieties. Special mention for the quality burgers: choose between the ‘Frenchie' covered with Morbier and served on a peppered brioche bun or the ‘Piggie' with house-made pulled pork and jalapeño mayonnaise. Other notable dishes: chicken breast Provençal, a succulent stew with beer, and platters of oysters and shellfish. The drinks menu offers an excellent selection of beers, wines, and champagnes.

The service is friendly and professional. Icing on the cake: the very affordable prices of DBGB Kitchen and Bar makes it one of the bargains of Manhattan. Advanced booking is recommended.

DBGB Kitchen & Bar
299 Bowery
New York, NY 10003

+1 212 933 5300


Menu : around 25 USD