Dashanzi: an introduction to Chinese contemporary art

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Dashanzi: an introduction to Chinese contemporary art

Beijing today is the artistic capital of the country.

The Dashanzi district was the first to attract artists. Soon after, galleries and souvenir shops joined together to offer visitors a diverse tour that takes you from a photo gallery to a sculpture exhibition or a museum shop, the last of which being a veritable bazaar of useless objects as entertaining as they are inventive. By showcasing creativity, this area reflects the extremely rapid evolution of the city—it was not that long ago that abandoned factories were here instead of galleries.

There are a few French people who are evolving in this artistic milieu, notably Hadrien de Montferrand and his gallery, and the Chinese-born artist Li Chevalier, who now lives in France. Artists everywhere are the same: their originality clashes, disturbs, and fascinates. Those exhibited in Dashanzi are no exception to the rule: let yourself be carried away by a different art than ours, which is often inspired by China's recent history.

Dashanzi district
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