Dam Square

Dam Square

Stroll and admire the facade of the Royal Palace… Dam Square is the very heart of the city.

This square's name refers to the dam built on the Amstel River in the 13th century, which united two settlements and created the city. The dam has long symbolised the city's power.

Amsterdam's central square, it remains, as in the past, a place of permanent bustle, always very animated. It's a popular meeting place as well as a historical area and an important commercial zone. Meet friends, wander, admire the beautiful Royal Palace with its sculpted pediments overlooking the square.

Don't miss the Nieuwe Kerk, the New Church, which was built in the 15th century. Gothic in style, the church has been modified many times over the years. It is where the country's sovereigns have always been crowned. Of particular interest, in a relatively austere interior, are the pipe organs and the Baroque-style pulpit from 1648.

In summer, Dam Square is invaded by families with prams, musicians, street vendors, and, inevitably, pickpockets, so be sure to keep an eye on your belongings as you stroll the area.

Dam Square
Netherlands, Dam 2
1012 NP Amsterdam