Dadong: a panel of discovery

Dadong: a panel of discovery

For the incomparable pleasure of eating traditional roast duck.

Dadong offers a wide range of Chinese cuisine. Besides duck, whose fame has spread beyond China, you will discover many traditional specialities around large round tables with a lazy Susan in the middle to rotate dishes.

Delicious dim sum, onion shrimp, tofu, lobster and pepper rice… You should know that in China it is traditional to order several dishes and that the guests like to taste a bit of everything. The chefs, wearing their white hats, are either busy in the kitchen or circulating through the restaurant, checking that everything is as it should be. The ducks are roasted over a constant fire.

The preparation of this dish remains a singular spectacle, which it is absolutely necessary to see (and taste!) at least once: waiters get to show off their dexterity when they cut the fillets.

Dadong Roast Duck
1-2 Nanxincang International Plaza
22A Dongsishitiao
Dongcheng District

+86 (0)10 5169 032

Menu: from 100 CNY