Da Ciro a Mergellina: all of Naples in the kitchen

a must
Da Ciro a Mergellina: all of Naples in the kitchen

This is the traditional restaurant most beloved by locals. It's an essential visit that might remind cinema lovers of the special atmosphere of legendary films about the Camorra mafia.

At the foot of Posillipo hill, facing the fishing port, the very well-known Da Ciro a Mergellina mixes the sacred and the pagan upon its tables. It is not far from Mergellina's Santa Maria del Parto church which holds the tomb of ‘the Christian Virgil' of the Renaissance, Jacopo Sannazaro.

The chef has only to cross the street to furnish the restaurant with its fresh fish. Of course pizza and pasta are also on the menu. Service is very attentive around animated tables in which the show is as much in the dining room as on the plates.

All of Naples is felt, then, in an atmosphere that is both elegant and boisterous at the same time.

Da Ciro a Mergellina
Via Mergellina, 21
80122 Napoli

+39 (0)81 681 780


Menu : around 40 EUR