Cuba is a cool-car heaven

Cuba is a cool-car heaven

There are more gorgeous old Buicks and Cadillacs per square inch of roadway in Havana than anywhere else in the world; it's a vintage-car-lover's paradise.

It is impossible to imagine Havana without its dazzling fleet of colourful old Pontiacs, Thunderbirds, Ford Model Ts, and other vintage masterworks of the American dream. To celebrate these beautiful machines, a little-known and surprising museum has been opened on Calle Oficios. Some of the city's best-preserved models are inside. But the city itself is a vast open-air museum, and the best way to see these well-kept relics of a bygone era is out on the streets, where they have a little rust, a few dents, and maybe a few jerry-rigged fixes (original parts are expensive and scarce).

Many owners use their almendrones as taxis, which is great way to see the sights, or you can book a tour with a driver in a convertible.

Regrettably—for now, at least, unless you do so illegally—you can't rent one and take it on your own tour of the island, with you behind the wheel.

Museo del Automóvil
Calle Oficios n° 13
Habana Vieja
10100 La Habana

+53 7 8639942