Crescent Island sanctuary

Crescent Island sanctuary

As a bird reserve, this island of Lake Naivasha is one of the few authorized promenades on foot in Kenya.

No other place quite looks like Crescent Island, a crescent-shaped peninsula located less than 100 kilometres away from Nairobi on Lake Naivasha. One of the rare freshwater lakes of the Great Rift Valley, it can be accessed by road or by boat.
As you come near, flocks of birds move and sing in a deafening hurly-burly of a scene, as the majestic Mount Longono stands in the faraway distance. Pelicans, cormorants and eagles bunch up to the shores, but you'll also be able to make out hippos, giraffes, buffalos and zebras on land. Predators are non-existent here, making it possible for you to walk around on foot, with a proper guide. You may also be lucky enough to see albino Grants gazelles, whose fur brightened up over generations, due to the lack of felines in the area.

Crescent Island
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